The ‘New’ Bakerville Methodist Church

The Bakerville Methodist Church sits on Route 202 just east of Bakerville.  The original church was next to the Bakerville Library.  This church burnt on September 23, 1954 despite the best efforts of the community to save it.

In 1957, the new building was begun.  It took almost three years to finish, costing $112,000 by the time it was done. It was consecrated in December 1960. In the interim services had been held in the Bakerville Library. The Reverend E.A. Pollard was in charge.

Although the building is built in a classic, New England Congregational/Methodist Church style; the keen eye will pick out the modern nature of the site.  The building’s grounds, entrance, and parking lot are clearly built with cars in mind.  This is a stark contrast to all of the early churches in the area, where parking is slim and usually confined to expanded former streets.  The Methodist Church’s new site allowed them to be fully aware of and react to the advent of the automobile age, which by the 1960’s had become dominant.


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