Artifact #: 976.135.1.16

Title: Bakerville and Personal Interviews with Mr. George W. Jones

Description:  Written interviews with Mr. George W. Jones, a blacksmith located in Bakerville.  Includes photographs of Mr. Jones.

976.135.1.16 Bakerville and Personal interviews with Mr. George W Jones


Artifact #: 982.140.1

Title: Remembrances of Bakerville

Description: Written transcript of the Remembrances of Bakerville from a taped interview.  Interviews include stories from: Mrs. Isabelle Sheffield Covington, Mrs. Ethel Jones Bartholomew, Mr. William Phillips, and Mrs. Leona Lewis Pederson.  Link below is for the transcript.  Tape is available electronically at NHHS.

982.140.1 Remembrances of Bakerville 09271981 tape 1 side 1


Artifact #: 2000.1.129.E

Title: West Hill Road

Description: West Hill Road in Bakerville

2000.1.129.E West Hill Rd Bakerville Conn


Artifact #: 2000.1.129.F.1-4

Title: Bakerville Center & Tannery Building

Description:  View of Bakerville Center with Tannery on left.  (Tannery no longer in existence.) Artifact has a second copy of the same photograph.

2000.1.129.F.1 Center of Bakerville

Artifact #: 2000.182.5.101

Title: Rankin Studios, School of Applied Arts, Bakerville, Conn.

Description: House built circa 1820.  Owners: Leonard Rankin [Rankin Studios, School of Applied Arts] (1933); Selma & Lindsey Keane (1967); Peter & Sally O’Brien (1977). House was also used as a blacksmith shop by Rudy Goldbeck.

2000.182.5.101 Rankin Studio of Applied Arts in Bakerville


Artifact #: 2000.182.5.102

Title: Blue Door, Bakerville, Conn.

Description: Owners: Stephen & Delia Dunn (1978); Charles & Deborah Coe; Steve & Virginia Minihan (1980). Colonial Farm house used as a summer guest house in later years.

2000.182.5.102 Blue Door House in Bakerville


Artifact #: 2010.299.9.21

Title: Bakerville Art Association

Description: Paintings by Faith Ramsay and Memorial Exhibition for Brunel Frederick August 23 to September 6, inclusive The Ballinger Studio at Bakerville.

2010.299.9.21 Bakerville Art Associate brochure 1 2010.299.9.21 Bakerville Art Associate brochure 2


Artifact #: 2010.299.9.22

Title: Bakerville Looks Back on Two Centuries  of Colorful History – Hamlet’s Pioneers Turned Wilderness Into Busy Mill Town

Description: Article reviews history of Bakerville:  first settlers, first Baker family, diverse industries, Indian lore, educational center and Tick Tock Hollow nickname.

2010.299.9.22 Bakerville Looks Back article 1 2010.299.9.22 Bakerville Looks Back article 2


Artifact #: 2010.299.9.27

Title: 19th Century Mill Offers Glimpses of the Past

Description: Scott Goff owns 19th century mill in Bakerville.2010.299.9.27 Mill Offers Glimpse of Past newsarticle 1 2010.299.9.27 Mill Offers Glimpse of Past newsarticle 2 2010.299.9.27 Mill Offers Glimpse of Past newsarticle 3


Artifact #: 2010.299.9.30

Title: View from the house of Edgar A. Clarke.

Description: View of Bakerville center.

2010.299.9.30 View from edgar clark house


Artifact #: 2012.1.19

Title: News article reviewing Bakerville history

Description: Discusses Bakersville location, town attracted clock makers and other industry.  Mentions the brick school, Colonel Woodruff Lewis, George Jones the Blacksmith and the post office kept by Edgar A. Clarke.

2012.1.19 Bakerville newsarticle

2 responses to “Bakerville/Bakersville

  1. Andrea M. Young

    Does this refer to Edgar A. Clarke, born in New Hartford, CT in 1857? Today I was researching his relationship to my grandmother and came across your website. Censuses list his occupation as watchmaker. What are the dates of the newspaper article and the photograph? Thank you for your help.

  2. It does refer to that Edgar Clarke. Both the newspaper and the photograph date from c. 1900, unfortunately I don’t have a closer date.

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