Artifact #: 1972.47.18

Title: Truck Accident on Brokow Bridge in Nepaug

Description: Truck went through Brokow’s bridge while hauling blocks of granite to Wilbur Beckwith’s farm, 2 Pine Hill Road, which at the time was owned and being renovated by Franklin Gledhill.

1972.47.18 Truck Accident on Brokow Bridge in Nepaug

Artifact #: 2010.299.9.2

Title: Motorcycle Crash on South Road

Description:  Accident Kills Teen: Dies After Motorcycle Hits Telephone Pole.  Register Citizen July 1, 2002.  Student from Barkhamsted.

2010.299.9.2 Motorcycle crash 2 2010.299.9.2 Motorcycle crash 1

Artifact #: 2010.299.9.3

Title: Trinita Vigil to Remember Victims

Description:  Vigil to Honor Accident Victims.  Winsted Journal Friday, December 1, 2000.  Candlelight vigil in remembrance of the lives of those who have been killed or injured in alcohol-related crashes to be held on Dec. 3 at 2:00 pm at Trinita.

2010.299.9.3 Trinita vigil to remember victims

Artifact #: 2010.299.9.4

Title: Crash Leaves 200 Without Power

Description:  Auto Crash Leaves 200 without Power.  1-24-1974. Car hit utility pole along Route 44 at Wickett St. in Pine Meadow.

2010.299.9.4 Crash leaves 200 without power

Artifact #: 2010.299.9.5

Title: Car Crashes into New Hartford Hotel

Description: Car smashes into the New Hartford Hotel. Hartford Courant, Oct. 6, 1972. Owner Frank Romaniello quoted. No one injured.

2010.299.9.5 Car Crashes into New Hartford Hotel

Artifact #: 2010.299.9.6

Title: Frederick B. Jones Accident and Court Verdict

Description:  Ida M. Dunbar against Frederick B Jones.  Unknown paper or date.  Action to recover damages for personal injuries alleged to have been caused by the negligent operation by the defendant of his automobile.

2010.299.9.6 Frederick B Jones accident and court verdict

Artifact #: 2010.299.9.7

Title: Truck Crashes Into Farmington River

Description:  Truck Crashes into River.  Two news articles dating 2/13/74 (one from the Citizen paper) and one 2/14/74.  A trailer truck carrying two smaller van trucks went off Rt 44 and landed in the Farmington River.  Crane required to remove vehicles.

2010.299.9.7 Truck accident in Farmington River 2010.299.9.7 Truck Crashes into Farmington 2

2010.299.9.7 Truck Crashes into Farmington 3



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