On Satan’s Kingdom

“Marble’s pharmacy this week received a request for a postcard view of Satan’s Kingdom. The inquirer, motoring from New York City to upstate New York, said he “just wanted to proved to a friend that there is such a place as Satan’s Kingdom.” The proprietor of the drug store did not have the postcard view desired, but he assured the visitor that the name was correct, and that New Hartford had been called Paradise because it lay between Canaan and Satan’s Kingdom.”

(From a short newspaper article in 1931)



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2 responses to “On Satan’s Kingdom

  1. Jamie

    You know, I’ve never really known how Satan’s Kingdom did get it’s name… Slasher’s Ledges, too.

  2. Cami J.

    Supposedly centuries ago clergy named it that because the terrain at the time was rugged and very isolated and there are silly legends that state that Satan claimed the area for himself until the angel Gabriel said it was too idyllic and drove Satan and his minions out of the area. Source: Weird U.S. book

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