New Hartford, CT Historical Society

We had a spectacular day to learn about our newest town park: Strayfields. Please check out the great work Anne Bailey put into the presentation below under “Past Events”. You can find a copy of the presentation, and a link to the presentation on our YouTube channel.

Check back often to see our scheduled lectures.


We had a  great turnout for the Founding of New Hartford presentation.  We are working on uploading the presentation to our webpage.  Thank you for the great interest!  Keep an eye out for our next presentations!


In the past couple of years, the NHHS has transformed our board! We now have a number of new board members who have new energy and focus on our mission statement; we are still striving to keep history alive in New Hartford!

We have a new home at 529 Main St. New Hartford, CT (the Corner House) and we are working on setting up our new space so we can open with regular weekly hours.

Mission Statement:

To provide research services and to help preserve, interpret, and celebrate the history of New Hartford, CT.  To encourage historical education, exploration, appreciation and the thoughtful utilization of our past to add value to New Hartford’s diverse community.  We seek to embrace the history of this place spanning from the earliest Native Americans to the rural farms, factories, merchants, artist and all who have called this place home, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Past Events

Strayfields Town Park, Presented by Anne Bailey, Board Member

YouTube video link and PowerPoint download below:

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Tales from the Hilltop ppt

Founding of New Hartford, Presented by David Krimmel, Town Historian Emeritus.

Download the PowerPoint below. A link to the video is also provided.

Founding of New Hartford, CT PPT

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Trains of New Hartford, Presented by Anne Hall, Town Historian.

Watsons of New Hartford and Their Houses: 1734 to 1854. Presented by David Krimmel, Town Historian Emeritus.

Thanks to everyone for an awesome event on the Flood of ’55

A View of 19th Century Brick Houses, Presented by David Krimmel, New Hartford town historian emeritus

Native Americans of Northwest Connecticut

The Prominent Women of New Hartford


Regular Hours

By appointment, please call: 860-379-6894 or email

529 Main Street
New Hartford, CT 06057

We look forward to seeing you!