Theater groups in New Hartford

The performing arts in New Hartford have a long and proud history supported not only by the various professional artists who have called the town home, but an enthusiastic group of volunteer amateurs, the people without whom no community theater can survive.

The groups have been varied in name and usually seem to have no clearly defined start or end date.

Among them:

The Home Dramatic Club: circa 1900

The New Hartford Chorus: circa WWI through the mid 1920’s at least

The New Hartford Community Club: 1930’s, late 1940’s-1960?

The Village Players: circa WWII

The Pleasant Valley Players (Barkhamsted): circa 1966-1979

The Village Theatre Workshop: 1979-1995?

Other groups, such as the English literature club, the Women’s Club, various churches (in particular North Congregational), and schools sponsored various public concerts, plays, and recitals as well.

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