When was that built?

Post offices have always ranged in style and in type.  Many urban post offices built during the early twentieth century are grand statements of civic pride, much like the libraries and town halls of that era.  Other, rural, post offices have been dual purpose: the Bakerville post office was run out a man’s house for a number of years, the same building was also a general store.  In the UK such multi-purpose buildings continue to exist: what appears to be, and is, a convenience store also has a counter for the Royal Mail.   The USPS, for better or worse, now has dedicated offices which only handle the mail.  A typical one is the main New Hartford office.  This building was opened in 1963 and is a good example of the public architecture of that era, solid, utilitarian, and economical, neither especially ugly nor especially elegant.  A similar style of architecture is seen in the Pine Meadow school built during the 1950’s.

Previously, the site had a large 2nd empire style house; this was torn down around 1960.

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