Taking a Walk?

If you are out and enjoying this summer weather, consider exploring New Hartford on foot.  The center with its late Georgian and Federal, Italianate, Queen Anne, and many other styles of architecture stretches across the river to Holcomb Hill where a few late 1800’s factory-built row houses stand.  On the other side Steele Road and High Street back up against Jones Mountain, where a good climb takes one up an old road that is a classic bit of landscape architecture.

Just downstream lies Pine Meadow and its historic district, nearly unchanged in a century.  A classic village green, an icon of New England.

Elsewhere a walk along Maple Hollow from Bakerville, the natural beauty of the Nepaug floodplain and the remnant of old industry: the blacksmith shop and the grist mill, both listed buildings, both visible from the road.

There is the top of Town Hill, where the foundation remains of the Town’s first church and where its bell still speaks somberly on special occasions. Not far from there lies the Town Hill Cemetery, still in use but dating back to the 1750’s.

Perhaps a walk through Satan’s Kingdom, looking for traces of the old railroads. Or maybe up by West Hill or Cotton Hill, where old fields turn slowly to woods.  Here and there a barn is still standing, some still in use, great dairy barns and small general purpose barns, chicken coops and ornate carriage houses.

How many stories there are beneath each mile of road here!


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