The first gas station in Bakersville

The current Village Auto Body Shop, on Route 202, at the corner with Maple (or Stub) Hollow Road, is the location of the first gas station in Bakerville.  A later station was located where the ‘Bakersville Mall’ is today.  Today, there is no gas station in Bakerville; the nearest ones are at the top of the hill in Torrington (the old ‘Apple House’ station) and in the North Village of New Hartford.

The first station was a Texaco station, erected in 1920.  Route 202 was not paved until 1924.  The station had two pumps and a small shelter for the attendant; and was later expanded into a small grocery store.

The gas station is long gone, well over thirty years past, possibly in the early 1970’s.  However, it is said that a portion of the concrete slab in the auto shop belonged to the station.

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