Memorial Monuments

Like most small towns, New Hartford’s relationship to global, or national, history is apparent in the monuments erected in response to various wars.

There is, oddly, no actual monument to the Revolutionary War (or earlier action, including the ill-fated Havana expedition of 1762 during which eight New Hartford men died, a major toll for such a small town).  However, the Town Hill Bell is, at the least, a reminder.  Men from New Hartford were involved in the Revolution from the beginning, including a slightly odd dash to Lexington and Concord, which turned back at Turkey Hills in Granby when it was apparent that the fighting was (for the moment) over.

The Civil War is well recognized.  The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which stands in the North Village Cemetery, is a sobering reminder, especially when the number of names on it is tallied.  It was erected in 1892 and dedicated in 1893.

World War One is not so immediately obvious: the simple stone with its bronze tablet is easy to miss, though its location outside Town Hall is prominent.

World War Two is commerated in Pine Meadow, on the green ( Chapin Park).  This monument, erected in the 1950’s, is daunting in its numbers: 212 men from New Hartford served during that war.  From the last names it is clear that many were relatives or brothers.  The list of names takes up the entire front, with the center panel dedicated to those who died in action.

Its back, however, is equally sobering for it records the actions since then: Korea 1950-1955, Vietnam 1961-1975, Grenada and Lebanon 1982-1984, Panama 1989-1990, Persian Gulf 1990.  In all these wars men and women from New Hartford have served.

At some point, in the coming years, Afghanistan and Iraq should be added for there have been members of the armed services who have done tours of duty in both areas who have come from New Hartford.

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