New Hartford has a number of cemeteries.  There is the Town Hill Cemetery: non-denominational, this is the first cemetery in town, established in 1738.  Originally open to all residents of New Hartford, it is still technically owned by the citizens.  Then there is the Old Bakersville Burying Ground, the Old Nepaug Cemetery, the North Village Cemetery, and the Pine Meadow Cemetery (all now non-denominational).  These are all established around 1800 as the villages from which they take their names become established.  In the mid 1800’s, Immaculate Conception’s Cemetery, Catholic in denomination, is established at the same time as the Catholic church in town.  It owes its presence to the influx of French Canadian, Irish, and Italian immigrants, who moved to the town at the same as the factories took off.  Lastly, Pine Grove and the New Nepaug Cemetery are established close to the turn of the last century. The former is an expansion of Pine Meadow (though on the other side of the river), the latter an expansion of the Old Nepaug cemetery.


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