A Walking Tour

Now that it is finally spring, the center of New Hartford is quite busy.  Although stretched along Route 44, it is a very pleasant place to take a short walk.  There is, of course, the Farmington River and a variety of older commercial buildings; but there is also a surprising number of interesting houses still present.  These houses range from quite early Greek Revival to much later in the nineteenth century.    Many of these buildings have been remodeled; and sometimes entirely repurposed: for example the North End School, which is now an apartment building; however, in many cases the age of construction and building history can be discerned from the street.  This is not a village of ornate houses.  It is a village of well-built, upper middle-class homes and tenements supporting a prosperous mill town.  In fact, it is precisely what one would expect given the town’s history.

The Historical society did create a short walking tour pamphlet that covers some of these buildings, it is available at the society.

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