Chapin Park

Although the green in Pine Meadow has been open space for well over a century; the actual park is much more recent.  Chapin Park was established in July 1946 as a memorial park.  It was gifted to the Pine Meadow Fire Company by the Chapin family, who had owned the land for several generations.  The family had been long time volunteers for, and benefactors of, the fire company.  This was, admittedly, both publicly generous and privately beneficial.  The Chapin family’s factories, houses, and other interests had been protected by the company.  However, by 1946, the family was no longer involved in the town and had sold most of their property; the park was one of the last pieces left.  The park was a memorial not only for World War II but also for an illustrious, but closed, chapter in New Hartford history.  Today, it is a beloved piece of the town’s landscape.

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