Prominent Women

Coming up on Wednesday, October 24th at 7:30pm, at the New Hartford Town Hall:

A presentation on some of the prominent women of New Hartford, this will include opera singers, authors, and leaders of the civic and cultural community.  This is free (though donations are always welcome!) and open to the public.

New Hartford has never been known as a ‘destination’ town.  However, it has had a long, proud, and quiet tradition of welcoming either returning famous individuals, as it might be Clara Louise Kellogg, or well-known people seeking a place conducive to productive, creative work, as it might be Nelia Gardener White.  These were women who were at once members of a small, New England town and internationally known celebrities, equally happy perhaps to sing at a community event or at the great opera houses of Europe.  They were independent women; their identities separate from, though often intimately connected with, their families and husbands.

If you wish to learn a bit more, do join us.  The list includes, in no particular order and possibly not comprehensive: Clara Louise Kellogg, Julie Palmer Smith, Nelia Gardener White, Lillian Ludlam, Teresa Stich-Randall, Alma GLuck, Marcia Davenport, and Chloe Langston Hughes.

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