Welcome to the New Hartford, Connecticut, Historical Society’s blog.  We hope that this blog will explore the history of this town.  Within these forty-two square miles of rocky hills and river valleys are the stories of a multitude.  Here are the records of industry, from pre-Colombian Native American quarries, to ground-breaking innovations of the 1800s, to modern light, specialized manufacturing.  Here are the stories of  immigrants, whose names and tales are the bones of its history.  Here were the hill farms and the big valley farms, some still in operation today.  Here is the story of a cultural retreat, home to world renowned opera stars, actors, authors and professors.  And last, but by no measure least, the story of the land itself, of its shifting faces and the changes wrought upon it: roads, railroads, dams and canals.

We hope to update on a regular basis; comments and your own recollections of your own history of New Hartford are always welcome.  We are located in the center of New Hartford, on Rte. 44, and are open every Wednesday 7-9pm and the second Saturday of every month from 12-2pm.

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