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Snow Day

We aren’t open tonight, thanks to New England’s regular winter weather!

Contrary to the popular media of today and the breathless coverage, major storms are nothing new. Town Hill, and all the other hills, regularly got cut off in the winter, especially once the hills were open pasture.  The fields tended to create major drifts at any obstacle, such as a fence-line along a road.  One account states that the drifts reached 15 feet in height in 1873/4 and that some people didn’t leave their farmyards between January and March.

One of the best known winter storms was the Great Blizzard of March, 1888. New Hartford got 42 inches in that storm, which also had high winds.  See: http://www.courant.com/entertainment/hc-winter-storm031488,0,794681.story

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